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Quick Start

Installing BackupNetClone can vary a lot based on where it will reside. If you want detailed instructions, check out the Installation page. If you just want an overview, here's a quick start guide that covers the general steps required:

  1. Install rsync and SSH servers on the "backup clients" (the systems that have data that needs to be backed up).
  2. Copy the private key of the backup clients onto the "backup server" (the Linux system that will be running BackupNetClone). Alternatively, add the backup server's public key to the authorized_keys lists on the backup clients.
  3. Verify rsync and passwordless SSH are working between the backup server and the backup clients.
  4. Place BackupNetClone's *.sh files in a directory of your choosing on the backup server.
  5. Modify BackupNetClone's main settings in the system_config.sh file.
  6. Copy and/or modify the backup-config.example.sh file, creating one such file for each backup client module that you want backed up.
  7. Add start_here.sh as a cron job to automate BackupNetClone.
  8. Check the logs/ directory for status and to help troubleshoot problems.

If installation seems too complicated for you, or you simply don't want to invest the time to install a BackupNetClone system yourself, you can contact me to negotiate my rates for completing a custom installation for you.

Benjamin L. Brown, released to the Public Domain.